Reviews for "Verge"

There is a glitch

On the level where the lizards first appear the yellow block on the upper level is nigh on impossible to move without it getting stuck.This almost caused a rage quit with me. I am not going to give you a ten because this frustrated the hell out of me. Fix the glitch with the blocks getting stuck and you will have a fine game.

kurismakku responds:

Okay, actually I am kinda familiar with this problem... But did you use yellow reset switch that resets box to starting position ?

Fun puzzle/platformer

Pretty fun! It's always good to see another Commonplace Book game. :D

Interesting concept.

What caught me was what the story was. The puzzles were fun to solve and the controls were easy to manage. I didn't like how easy it was to move because of the way you have to carefully slide the blocks down the hill. Overall, I liked the game.


The game looks ok but it have some kind of error, please fix it

kurismakku responds:

what error ? thanks !


loved the music and the style, an overall fantastic experyence!