Reviews for "Verge"


this game got all i search

Creative way to tell a story.

It took me a playthrough before i realized that the fairies in the death world told a story through the medal descriptions, but once i did, it really impressed me that there was another layer of creativity on this already very creative game.

Retro and intriguing

Loving the retro feel to this! But does anyone else think the main character looks a lot like Bitey, only with a jazzy blue shirt. Even the music reminds me of it.

kurismakku responds:

Main character is 2pac !

Kyle Pulver?

I quite like the game, even if i don´t think that i understand it. Howev,er isn´t this game made by Kyle Pulver? At least I think i downloaded it some months ago from his website...

kurismakku responds:

Yeah, he is in authors list as well.. This is a Flash version ..

Nice game.

Also surprisingly fast to play through. It's quite easy to solve all the ways to clear the levels. How ever there is just one thing i can't seem to figure out.

I collected every item in the below dimension but at the last level i still can't manage to climb up all the white blocks i created by collecting them. I assume it will lead to another ending, but the blocks are to high for me to jump on.
Perhaps i'm doing something wrong?

kurismakku responds:

You probably missed fairy in one of the levels.. I think I know where, but can't tell, it's a secret :D