Reviews for "Verge"


The concept of this game is quite unique, and not too difficult to figure out what to do. When I fell on a spike, it was a refreshing change to see what came afterwards. However, I wasn't too fond of trying to get all the medals to figure out the story. Why the enemies were there and what they signified. The controls functioned smoothly and the graphics were alright. Overall, I'll give this game an 8 out of 10.
There's always room for improvement!

Good, but a little glitchy.

I really enjoyed this game, but I had a couple problems. I couldn't find one of the fairies, and the fairy that I picked up on the very first level by dying to enemy didn't seem to unlock anything. Like a few other people, after collecting the fairy on the level right before the angel one of the fairy-blocks vanished after I had already completed the "Welcome Home" ending and I was unable to reach it again.

I also couldn't figure out the "Perpetiel's Wings" achievement, but I dunno.


The game was plain easy but at the time real creative n cool.


it was so cool but I don`t know how to get perpetiels wings archivemen,I think you
have to go to the otherside of the final world but I am not sure can you help me?

Death looks worse than life in this game.

Immediately noticed the Cave Story like art. It's not bad, but aside from the last two stages, none of them really stood out.

The gameplay was fun. I got everything but the Loki medal.

What I don't like is having something so vague to the imagination and calling it art and good. I played as a shadow who more or less ignored fireball-spitting monsters and chased after an angel for curiosity.

I particularly disliked the soulstealers more than the living monsters.

And I collected fairies to be caged later on as platforms...?

It seemed more like random elements put together than an actual plot building up.