Reviews for "Verge"


i really enjoy the concept and gameplay, the graphics and sounds reminds me a lot of cave story. the only thing that i dont like of it is the music, and is only because i think is very repetitive. anyway, a really good work ¡congrats!

aww man

Idk what level it was but I already got the yellow box where needed and I accidentaly jumped on thatjellow button and bam! I had do get that yellow box on the other side again, I mrsn c'mon..

this is like

depict 2 (after you find freedom you find yourelf there for absole freedom)


Nice story bro,it almost made me cry, and the concept is very interesting.Keep it up


The concept of this game is quite unique, and not too difficult to figure out what to do. When I fell on a spike, it was a refreshing change to see what came afterwards. However, I wasn't too fond of trying to get all the medals to figure out the story. Why the enemies were there and what they signified. The controls functioned smoothly and the graphics were alright. Overall, I'll give this game an 8 out of 10.
There's always room for improvement!