Reviews for "Verge"

Pretty good

I enjoyed the game a lot. It was pretty fun and awsome plataform.
Also its original and you enjoy the game. Its not too dificult but it give to you some straight dilemas. I wanted to figure out the history but I found imposible to get other medals. And I found myselve imposible to go all stages trying to find something that maybe is not there.


i really enjoy the concept and gameplay, the graphics and sounds reminds me a lot of cave story. the only thing that i dont like of it is the music, and is only because i think is very repetitive. anyway, a really good work ¡congrats!

aww man

Idk what level it was but I already got the yellow box where needed and I accidentaly jumped on thatjellow button and bam! I had do get that yellow box on the other side again, I mrsn c'mon..

this is like

depict 2 (after you find freedom you find yourelf there for absole freedom)


Nice story bro,it almost made me cry, and the concept is very interesting.Keep it up