Reviews for "Verge"

i got the return to me ending at 18:43:06 great game and awesome physics!!!!!

The music is pretty nice, Underworld, Angels, etc. idea is great! I love this game.

I found it interesting that when you "die", you just spawn in the underworld and that it actually helps you with the puzzles at times... really atmospheric, I liked the music and the generally gloomy undertone. Graphics are nothing too special, but the sprites are cute and this would look great as a portable retro game for tablets etc.

It's a great concept. Original. I had fun for a few minutes but I got too confused so I had to stop playing. I don't like the music that much, since it doesn't motivate me to play more and if I just heard the music of this game, it doesn't lure the player, unlike certain games like Super Mario Bros. or Final Fantasy. But it did fit the game's concept. The music got extremely disturbing. It's just creepy. But since it helps the gameplay experience level up, I won't have to give you a minus for it. :) Graphics are really good. Great game. :)

this song is a delight! I could listen to it nonstop for months! beautiful game concept and innovative gameplay!