Reviews for "Verge"


now this should be a real game
classic platformer :)


Wonderful example of duality and infinity. Almost a demonstration of escape from the wheel of suffering. Not much to say other than I liked the design and complexity. I never got to see what happened if you didn't shake off the ghouls or any such thing.


Need...only need...secret medals...after playing...for...5 hours...


The point of perception isn't difficult to follow, the 8-bit pixel graphics are amazing. The obstacles are very occupational. The music is very neutral. A very amazing game!

Amazing! Love this game!!!

Where do i start?
Awesome music, very relaxing
The artwork was also very good...the transition from life to death was abrupt signified by the dark murky colors was genius.
The sheer amount of 'exploring' space within the game was a great treat for me-it reminded me of 'Endeavor'.
Got all the medals cept perpetiel's wings.
Thanks for posting this awesome game!!!