Reviews for "Draka 2:No More Christmas"


I dont know if you allready know but if you play the first one you can have the medals!

Pretty good

While not one of the best in the series, this was still fairly enjoyable to play. Where I ran into trouble was on the third level because I didn't know how to play it. I assumed I had to just connect the balloons to Draka. I managed to do that with one, but it was dumb luck I even got that in the first place. At least the graphics are nice enough to enjoy. The music was pretty good but it probably could have had a bit more as it went along.

It's so cool to see people being turned into spider monsters. I'm not sure how this magic works, but it's pretty cool to play with. I can always count on gamezhero to sponsor high quality games. I guess I hope you all have a merry Christmas and stuff. The colors are very nice in this, particularly with how well they are detailed.