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Reviews for "Versus Umbra"


a GREAT game, nice job ;D but, where is the mute? XD

Arkuni responds:

Press [P] while not at the prelaoder.


I played the first level and thought to myself, "What the hell am I doing. This game is dull and simplistic; a cool name its only real merit." But for some reason, I kept going, and kept going, and kept going... I've been at it for nearly three hours now, plowing through early missions again and again to unlock the challenges, wielding the ridiculously awesome leveled-up weaponry and enjoying the occasional comedic dialog between the main characters. Despite all the flak and premium content, this is an extremely solid game.

Doent listen to those idiots.

This is a good game. Its creative and fun to play. Liked the variety of weapons

Simply amazing.

I literally spent collectively about 16 hours on this game. The gameplay was fun and I loved the fact that when I thought the upgrades were over, there were MORE!!!. The only thing I didn't like was, of course, the pay-to-access content. Besides that, great game. Keep up the good work.

Really good

Awesome game