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Reviews for "Versus Umbra"

great game, i mean really great

first off, i'm sick and tired of dumbasses on newgrounds that think games are parodies of others when they were made by the SAME FUCKING PERSON! (i'm talking to you flexys) anyway, i must say that this game had some of the greatest elements in a shooter and the biggest rainbow of a weapon arsenal since ratchet and clank. plus the gadgets were original and the ragnarok was a challenge to earn. overall one of the best on newgrounds and on the planet. premium content didn't need to be there but i'm feeling polite enough to give you ten stars.

excuse me please T_T

So I did not know that these games are an author and I sorry for this.But why this game so similar on The Final DEATH WISH?( perks,weapons and mobs)

Loved it sooo much!

this game.......as soon as i started playing i beat it. i started at 10 am...next time i looked it was 10 pm and i hadnt even planned on playing it for even an hour. this game will be a favorite forever. i agree with the sequel idea and more weapons, but the perk system gets kinda annoying after awhile(such as when you dont need any that are left) paradox is fun but there should be a double paradox after the first(multiplier can get to X40, enemies 2X stronger than first paradox) and a mirror function that reverses the order you play in. i also strongly believe you should get to play as michl as a side story. and to those who complain about lag:maybe its your computer that is lagging not the game. the computer im playing this on lags on just the start-up of the internet but doesnt lag in-game.clean your computer up and it should take care of the lag. my only complaint of the game is its tendency to shrink its in game screens which makes it possible to click on other screens buttons.

Why cant you make medals?