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Reviews for "Versus Umbra"


Nothing particularly new, impressive, or polished.
A grindy Madness never-gonna-be clone, even down to the art-style. Wow, haven't seen any of those around...
Average, run of the mill 4th wall breaking dialogue that 'us gamers' are supposed to find funny.


While I appreciate the hard work that went in to making this game, I can't help but think maybe a Touch more should have been done.

Call me picky, but when the training level is the Only level I can get to load, I tend to think poorly of a game and it's designers. I know Newgrounds isn't the only game site on the interwebs, but several of their games recently have this Mochi herpes tag. That site can go straight to Pedo-Hell.

Maybe the problem is me. But if not, please try making a game for a large chunk of Newgrounds traffic. The Insanely bored and yet still not motivated enough to do the actual work I'm getting paid to do. Thank you.

I think this game would be cool....if it would load? :/ no loading screen....no nothing.....????

my months worth of data is GONE
it was there four minutes ago and suddenly its gone

why isint the game loading?