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Reviews for "Versus Umbra"


every time i hit shift the game freezes

Too much DLC

This is a perfectly fine game, but the fact I need to pay for in game items and campaigns really kills it for me. If I didn't have to pay for those I would gladly rate it a 8 or 9.

Arkuni responds:

You don't have to pay for anything except for the last campaign and let's admit it, the story is not Lost quality and you'll all problably not lose any sleep over it.


What's up with the unresponsive / laggy controls?

Arkuni responds:

Dunno. Are you playing it on an unresponsive / laggy computer?

2.7 with a title of bad

Versus Umbra is just bad. i can just tell it was lazily done because of the short story and the level of the weapon design after level 10 and you had to pay money to get the 2 extra campaigns 3 weapons, no 4 weapons to get the free weapon you need to make a account. The relics were no help at all and i just keep die because of the fact these enemies are over power. And the part that was most made me piss of is the fact that there is only 8 armor parts which you have to completed the world which this is not very good and 5 gadgets!? WHAT!! although is was a fun game and im not going to lie, it was enjoyable before my 3rd hour. Versus Umbra gets a 2.7 with a title of bad

already been done

not to be a critic and stuff but there is an exact version of this game and its way better and was out before this one i get the feeling you got your idea from there but it still is well put together and semi polished