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Reviews for "Versus Umbra"

Great game but...

Is there any way to save? I played this all day yesterday and was halfway through my first playthrough of Paradox. I had a bunch of shit unlocked and leveled up, but I come back today, and it's all gone. That's kind of a pain, and I almost don't want to play anymore. Almost.


Concept and idea itself are great but the overall execution of the game left me with a bad taste in my mouth im not saying its not done well but throughout the whole experience i just had the idea that ''It could of been done better'' its ok but it could of been great and kinda feels like an attempt to cash in but oh well thats just my view

Okay, Nothing too New, but still, it's Okay.

Pay to win

This looked like a great game,it has potential,no gameplay errors and oh how i love upgrades. What I despise is this mocha cash crap. I HATE pay to win games. It had so much potential and seemed playable,however when the fact that you have to spend money on virtual money to get any farther is deplorable and not fun at all. I am sorry I can give you a 5 for being fun at the start. When you added mocha cash to the game it jut went down hill.


What's up with the unresponsive / laggy controls?

Arkuni responds:

Dunno. Are you playing it on an unresponsive / laggy computer?