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Reviews for "Versus Umbra"

Great Game

Shame you had to ruin it with the Mochi bullshit. I know developers need to make money, but surely there is a less intrusive and obnoxious way to do so?


The game was fine, but got boring very fast. The storyline was very thin, too, and basically just kept me from more mindless holding of the trigger as i dodged my guy around the area. Also, the second campaign was the same as the first with different guns...eh. One thing I did like was the "transformations" of the guns, although it was a bit disappointing when they didn't continue to change after level 5. The music was fine, and it was a bit overpowered by the sound effects. It's not a great game, but it's definitely not a bad one.

Looks good

Decent graphics, ok play style...
- 3 points for making us pay to see the full game.


this is a really great game, the gameplay, the system. but i just recently realised that it takes a lot from Rachet and clank: a crack in time. think about it! in Rachet and clank the weapons upgrade to level 5 and you can replay the game and further upgrade your weapon to level 10. also that robot called mr gear looks almost exactly the same as the one from Rachet and clank. and finnaly the schematic for the super weapon, piece by piece in every level, yep that's in rachet and clank too. you took so much that i can't give you 10. but this game has its differences. the witty puns and the gameplay itself were great and it was very addicting. thats why im giving it a 7

Fun gameplay, poor execution

The game has great gameplay, and is very addicting. However, there are much better games in the "mouse to look and shoot" genre that are completely free.