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Reviews for "Versus Umbra"


completed the whole thing, minus all the pay to play parts.

As far as everyone else has said about the pay to play i agree. Its unfortunate that ruins the whole game.

I found it really fun without the pay to play parts...that last bonus weapon was especially interesting.
I would lower the score due to the paying involved but it looked like a kamehameha. Reminded me of how of my life i wasted on Dragonball Z and put me in a good mood.

It was great regardless. Keep it up.

Good, but could have been great

Love the concept, hated the "Pay for better stuff" part. Also was a little disappointed that I capped at level 20.
As for the weapons, they were way to easy to upgrade, and after a point I was only using one of them the entire time due to it's high damage and the perk to get more ammo as needed.

Fun but..

Is there any way to save in this game?

Great Game

Shame you had to ruin it with the Mochi bullshit. I know developers need to make money, but surely there is a less intrusive and obnoxious way to do so?

Not bad

It's so adictive, I'll play it every day.