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Reviews for "Versus Umbra"

Me Gusta.

To me, this is a fantastic combination of thing-thing and Ratchet and Clank (maybe a bit of fallout with the perks?). Don't be fooled by that though, this definitely stands out in a league of its own. YES it did have lots of show-off-y DLC that asked for money, but the free portion of the game is still massive in entertainment value, and the depth and complexity of the design is stunning.

Fav'd, 5'd, 9/10'd (got a tad bored with paradox mode, sorry bro).

Great Game

Ok, after reading other reviews, I went and checked out this Final Death Wish. Honestly this game just seems like a vast improvement on it, not so much a re-hash. I also took noticed that the two games are from the same guy(i didn't realize at first). So it really is like an upgrade. Animation was improved (art style in general really). Gameplay feels better. Honestly I only had one problem, saving. I got to paradox mode and decided I pick it back up later only to find that my progress wasn't there. IDK whats up with that, but the game is really fun.

Arkuni responds:

It's unfortunate about the lost progress. I think most people are just sour cream about the new premium items.

great, but

i couldnt get the last challenge done( planet4, third challenge). the rest of the game is awesome. its just very dissapointing almost getting the last thing to get gotten.

e nao versus umbra

Very fun, however...

its missing one important thing, hmm what is it...oh ya- a flippin save option!...dont get me wrong, its fun and addicting (and way better than anything I could hope to make) but that flaw just kills it.