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Reviews for "Versus Umbra"

Me Gusta.

To me, this is a fantastic combination of thing-thing and Ratchet and Clank (maybe a bit of fallout with the perks?). Don't be fooled by that though, this definitely stands out in a league of its own. YES it did have lots of show-off-y DLC that asked for money, but the free portion of the game is still massive in entertainment value, and the depth and complexity of the design is stunning.

Fav'd, 5'd, 9/10'd (got a tad bored with paradox mode, sorry bro).


I played this game for a good 3 hours, and It's pretty satisfying.

Too much DLC

This is a perfectly fine game, but the fact I need to pay for in game items and campaigns really kills it for me. If I didn't have to pay for those I would gladly rate it a 8 or 9.

Arkuni responds:

You don't have to pay for anything except for the last campaign and let's admit it, the story is not Lost quality and you'll all problably not lose any sleep over it.


While I appreciate the hard work that went in to making this game, I can't help but think maybe a Touch more should have been done.

Call me picky, but when the training level is the Only level I can get to load, I tend to think poorly of a game and it's designers. I know Newgrounds isn't the only game site on the interwebs, but several of their games recently have this Mochi herpes tag. That site can go straight to Pedo-Hell.

Maybe the problem is me. But if not, please try making a game for a large chunk of Newgrounds traffic. The Insanely bored and yet still not motivated enough to do the actual work I'm getting paid to do. Thank you.


Nothing particularly new, impressive, or polished.
A grindy Madness never-gonna-be clone, even down to the art-style. Wow, haven't seen any of those around...
Average, run of the mill 4th wall breaking dialogue that 'us gamers' are supposed to find funny.