Reviews for "COMET"


I'm glad that I get to write a review of this. Excluding anything to do with me, what has gone into this is astounding. Greg, your work over the long time you've spent creating this narrative shines out so much here, the backgrounds and effects are just phenomenal. Reasoner, the music is a story in itself and they both marry into each other incredibly well.

I was honored to have been able to contribute to this, and even without anything I've contributed it'd still be worthy of a wholehearted 10 from me.


Well, that was intoxicating.

You've taken a song and given it it's own life, and you've done it better than I ever could, or most people could. I love the little things you added to it as well: the Newgrounds blimp, the original gameboy...you sir, have managed to grab a good portion of what could be my own child-hood and wove it into a piece of art. Unbelievably well done, and thank you so much for this piece.


Everything has its own place

except the 3d car. Other than that it was most excellent.

alright i guess... ;)

Great animation, music was good :)

I didn't think the story was as good as the animation though :S but still I think 10/10!

Brilliant! I actually bought the album a very long time ago and its amazing. This is the exact feeling i have whenever i listen to it. I hope new things are always coming Ryan.

EDIT: I've listened to this many years later and it takes me back to when I used to use Newgrounds ALL THE TIME. The internet had something wholesome about it on this point in time. And life was so much simpler at that point. Reasoner's album to this day impacts me a lot with so much nostalgic emotion. I wonder what he's doing now ever since his hiatus began in 2015. Whatever it is, I hope he's doing good. This video, and Prologue, will always hold a special place in my heart.