Reviews for "FIVE/5"


cool fun game love the music but you it was hard to do since i din't know how the pieces work. it was still fun anyway

Now I need more of you

Really, your Robots Can't Think was amazing, and this one's pretty rad too. Continuity is a great inspiration, strange how so few games played with that organize-your-own-playground concept once Ragtime Games showed the basics of it. I applaud you ability for making this fine stuff with this freaky atmosphere, even if it's just for the feel of it and not to sustain any real story. Get your page up already, I looked everywhere without finding anything about you back when I played Robots Can't Think, like a week ago of something.

Grat game

Very entertaining and challenging

The athore coments al totol lies!

I haven't been on newgrounds for ages, at least it seems like it. Found this game and felt home again right away.^^
God, you can't believe how i missed stuff like this.
Thank you dude


A very well deserved 10, I got stuck at some part cause I forgot about a key... and I thought I would never finish it on the first try, but... gladly I did (I don't know if I would try to finish it twice).
Loved the music.