Reviews for "FIVE/5"

I enjoyed this game

Simplistic, not too long, fitting music. Yet another outstanding game.

Pretty fun.

The game was pretty fun, although it was frustrating until I learned that all pipes on a connecting side had to match in order to pass through. I also encountered the same little error that filcool666 encountered, in where I dropped down into the room that looks like this:
| |
And there was no way out. For future reference, this is the second to last room you enter, and you cannot enter it any sooner, or you can't complete the game because there's no way out.
If I were to make a suggestion for improvement, I'd say include a little note in the game itself explaining the pipe matching mechanic, and perhaps put some exit platforms into the room I mentioned above so that people don't get stuck. :)

Holy friggin' mother of God.

This was awesome. I loved the puzzle, and how you were able to have a chance to bring yourself back from the edge of death.

This was a great puzzle; not too hard, but definitely mind-blowing. Loved the ending, thanks for making the game!

pretty epic

this game is really awsome, and the cool thing is that i made it just in time, so whenever it went white at the end i was watching the clock go from 3 to 1 and then my guy went back to reality on the last second, it was really epic watching it

Perfect Puzzle Minigame

I loved it.