Reviews for "FIVE/5"


Such a great idea! My only problem with the game is was the 10 minutes I spent trying to figure out why I couldn't pass from one room to another. Include a tiny little bit explaining that all the tunnels in the 2 boxes must be connected. But besides that, the game well really well done.

9.8/10 :P

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Great game

Brain Boggling Game!

So brain boggling, I'm not even sure I spelt boggling right! This game is one of a kind adn makes you come up with a billion questions regarding the game. "Why did that guy shoot him in the begining?", "Why is he getting a chance to capture the guy?", "Is this supposed to be a version of heaven or maybe even hell?". Those were all questions that I came up with in my attempt of the game and I hope to find them out when I finish the game within the next ten years.

Good idea, but has a few problems.

First of all, the screen could easily be twice as big. It hurts why eye shen I have to stare at the tiny image to see if all the tunnels match up.

Speaking of the tunnels matching up, it's near impossible to tell if you're doing it right. I was able to travel into area's I thought I wouldn't be able too and I'm having issues when every thing looks perfect. You either need a more in depth description or an in game way of telling what areas and sides still need to be connected.

good game

good game nothing more nothing less really the information underneath the game helped me