Reviews for "FIVE/5"

I like the concept of the game. The mood, setting, and gameplay were all well-done, except for the fact that the controls broke randomly as I was playing. I've refreshed the game several times, and each time a similar event would happen: I'd press 'space' to exit the tile re-arrangement screen, and it would act like I had the space bar pressed (rapidly toggle between the close-up view and the tile view for a few seconds), then the movement controls would stop working. I would have loved to finished this game, it was quite challenging and well-made, except for the glitch I encountered. Thanks for the game, maybe It'll work for me later on. (Note: I also agree with some of the comments here, this game could use a better explanation of the gameplay mechanics, it was a little confusing at first.)

i really enjoied!! it's an awesome game and a great mental challenge (or i have a very small brain :/)

This game is pretty awesome, once you have actually read the 'Hint'. Maybe the hint should be displayed in game as it is essential to understanding the game. Once you read it though, it is a very interesting concept and lots of fun to puzzle around while always having to watch for the shortest routes. I liked it very much.

Holy shiiiiiiiiit.

Okay, so.

At the beginning, I had no idea what to do. I read the instructions, but they were not specific enough for me to catch the purpose of the game. I became very frustrated simply because the premise of the game was barely explained in a "hint" (that type of thing is a CORE game mechanic, not a hint).

As soon as I figured out the way the game is played, however, it became a different story. The game actually became a game for me. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out shortest distance, and became extremely entertained.

After learning how to actually play the game, I had a fantastic time. Until then, I had a wretched time. It may have made the game infinitely easier to figure out, but it actually made the game fucking playable. Even with the proper knowledge, it was a good challenge.

The difference was that it was an enjoyable challenge. Thanks for the game, 8/10!

Cool Game

Nicely done. I like the implementation of this better than that one slide-puzzle game that won IGF a couple years back. (and I've been craving more of this since Skyward Sword). The black and white graphics work well. The constantly changing backgrounds were a little distracting, and I don't know that there was really any purpose behind them.

Note, it's possible to get permanently stuck. I jumped up and shifted into the h-shaped block before I got that "ceiling key" (the last key you can get that opens the heart room). The h-shaped room should have platforms so you can jump back up. (unless you want people to get permanently stuck, in which case you should make something out of the fact that they've lost at that point)