Reviews for "FIVE/5"

I was able to get all keys, but now i'm at the bottom of a piece and i just can't wait a way to connect all pieces together
Does the finished tunnel have to make sense? Aka do they have to connect top-bottom too, or just left-right? Either way it just can't seem to get done...aside for that great game

brilliant! keep up the good work :)

Great music, great concept. I gave up on beating it cuz I got frustrated but I'll be back to finish. Amazing game!

Beat the game, awesome.

Hello there!

I give you 4.5 stars. Why? I liked the game mostly but could not beat it. I couldn't figure out how to get out of the 2nd to last tunnel. I couldn't jump out of the top and there was nothing matching the bottom pieces, so I got stuck, with no where to go. And the timer ran out.

I have to say, it was very frustrating that there were pieces that seemed to "fit" but then when you tried it didn't actually work. Someone else has said that already, I'm sure.

It would be nice to have the ability to save your game and not start all over again. What if you do really well and get all the way til the last thing and still have a minute left..... I don't like having to start all over again. In fact, I will not be finishing the game, I'm too frustrated and I've tried too many times to get through that last bit, and after getting stuck.... bah... not worth it. :P