Reviews for "FIVE/5"

simply amazing

although i barely made it through the game was wonderful

the story seemed irrelevant really, it was all about the music and aesthetics which were amazing 0_0 played through three times:
first time i lost
second time i won but didnt realize that the shadow was a mirror image (so i basically raced to the heart)
thirdly played it through to see what would happen if the shadow took the heart (didnt know it was a mirror image)

overall wonderful game :D

Good music

Really enjoyable gameplay and the music fits so well, kudos sir.


A very well deserved 10, I got stuck at some part cause I forgot about a key... and I thought I would never finish it on the first try, but... gladly I did (I don't know if I would try to finish it twice).
Loved the music.

Most terrifying at the end

I was rather scared when the timer began to count down rapidly from three and a half minutes! That I did not expect. Nice, fun, casual game. And one that I think will stay in mind for a while ^.=.^
Love the music.
Very well done, hehe. It takes after Continuity wonderfully!


That was a very difficult puzzle, but not too difficult. I am glad I took the time to go through this. Especially without using a walkthrough for once. Very fun and challenging, hope to see more like this.