Reviews for "FIVE/5"

Another weird game!

I think the kookiest thing about this game is that I have no idea what's going on. Don't get me wrong, the overall design and especially the music was good, but it just made no sense. I am glad I was at least able to understand some of it. Anyway, this is probably a game I would recommend to someone who's a genius. There are just so many aspects of this, it's impossible to keep up! What I also find weird is how the background illuminates as you go along.

That's probably the coolest thing about this game. It really gave you a good sense of being off in a strange world for what it was. I sure certainly couldn't understand a single thing. Well, congrats on the popularity this amazing thing has managed to get. For whatever reason, it's pretty well put together but so hard to play.


Creative, fun and a great atmosphere... though, a bit on the simple side and a bit short. Was worth playing through twice though.


You get a 9 on atmosphere, but a 5 on gameplay. Way too easy, and I couldn't figure out how to link the corridors at first, which was frustrating. I spent a lot of time running at an invisible wall, trying to figure out why I couldn't pass when the tunnels were CLEARLY lined up. I shouldn't have to read the author's notes to understand the game. I don't know, maybe I'm just pissed off, but it would make a lot more sense to me if I could pass whenever the tunnels were lined up, regardless of whether ALL tunnels on that side were matched up.

Something New!

I love how creative the puzzles are, and having only 5 minutes creates a very tense atmosphere. I finished the game with 5 seconds to go haha. Great game! Awesome song, cool graphics, and fun gameplay.


i loved the game and the music was awesome