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Reviews for "Greens Survive"

Are you serious with these comments people? T_T

I enjoyed the concept, reminded me of the one where you play the little dude with the top hat who can make copies of himself.

This game was fun, I enjoyed it, it was challenging and yeah I wanted to quit (but I beat the game) but you know it's a game you can beat. The music is fine, stop complaining about the music. If you throw on your own music, you'd probably die faster. The music is plain and boring to keep you focused on the task at hand, just focus. Yeah it's hard to juggle the reds and greens through those whack multi levels, but relax... I didn't know a game that kicked your ass was deserving of a five... Grow up... Are you here to play a game and beat it or here to complain because the ONE MAIN CRUX (you cant kill green guys) is too harrd for you to deal with..... pffff please... You also probably want to have two turns in tic tac toe.... T_T

we should have more like this

really good, just dont know what to say... magnificent!


This is the second time today that a game had suggested racism, the first was when the guide in zelda said "...Since they're different colored they should be treated differently.
good game though


Dude this game rules


Good game but it's hard for me though.