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Reviews for "Dragonzball P"


This is a great parody! I love how the stile changes all the time, and the dialog is actually better than the original.

Dear god, I haven't laughed so hard in awhile.

Lately your humor has started to get much better, and I'm starting to grow fond of your work. You make all this look easy, considering how quickly you get these videos out. Great work, I rarely ever laugh so hard when watching parodies. Also, I like the fact that if you're watching this for the first time, you won't expect what's coming your way next.

-Powerdude964, OUT!

What do you mean Virginia?!

I loved this!

That was funny

That was pretty funny also has anyone noticed that one of the dragon balls stars has been replaced with dicks and the door to vegetas ship is a dick.

That just about sums it, right?

Even though this short completly bastardizes my memories of rockem-sockem super power warriors with gold hair, I enjoyed this. This is exactly what show was all about hahahaha. Although I do remember the show being bloodier

Yo Oney and psychicpebble-- 10 out of 10 dudes.