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Reviews for "Dragonzball P"


oney tried to make it seem normal, but the opening to virginia's transport ball ship or whatever the shit its called, has a door in the shape of a penis...

oney you fricken piece a SSHIIIRISAFASFA afuckkkkk1!!


Man screw those haters this is hilarious. Love to see more parodies and love the kazoo music for the theme song. AWESOME


This is a prime example of why you're so hilarious in art, its really good.

The quote above is my favorite line.

i have laughed like a jackass

is it just me or does some guys writing reviews in here are butt-hurt that someone is making fun of their favorite animated tv show ? i have never seen even one episode ( maybe by "accident" when i was kid ) but i guess that the show contains bad grammar and some retarded fight scenes - i have seen few shots on Youtube from dragonball z and i think it's just typical - hero gets beat up,takes a "bath" in his own blood and then surprisingly gets up yelling that it was nothing and suddenly wins the fight by some uber hidden super power or what the fuck.That's typical japanese stuff and i think this animation describes it well.

"I'll be back, ka-k-k-kh...faggot."