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Reviews for "Dragonzball P"

One of the Best DBZ flashes TO DATE!

The vegeta saga dragged on for WAY too long, and this spoof did it justice!
Loved the animation, the audio was in perfect sync, and the comics alone...wow, just wow!

I look forward to your DBZ P part 2 - Frieza saga ^_^ LMMFAO!
*hint* that was a suggestion *hint*

P.S. Were you wasted, trash faced, splat happy drunk when you created this? Or just .....yea. :D @_@


I had to literally come out from lurking to vote on this. And I've watched alot of new submissions. This shiznat deserves a frontpage. I lol'd so hard.


5/5 10/10


i liked it unlike some of these ppl did, i use to watch it all the time, this is a good parody of it that sums up the beginning where goku fights vegeta. Sigh as for the ppl that are QQ bout every little thing and THINK they are smart and dis on your talent....heck with em, there reviews are one of the very few low scores compared to a heck of a lot more 8-10 star ones. The parody could be longer but i stil liked it. It was intended to be:stuid, random, retarded, parodic, goofy, epic, true, detailed funny-like. Good job from me and lots of others, and QQ from the keyboard warriorsXD


can you please make the rest of your flashes with these kazoos

fucking Hilarious.

You're a beautiful genius.