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Reviews for "Dragonzball P"


cris u dissapoint me, it was not funny at all

An All Time Low.

This submission is HORRIBLE. The humor was the equivalent of a 3rd grader's interests. Not only that, you overused the overly dramatic faces as a ploy for humor. In fact, your video seemed to revolve completely around them. The style is overused. Also, your voice acting and script were atrocious. This flash has no sign of even a slight bit of hard work. This will receive no stars from me.

im sorry i hate to be ahater but sometimes its necessary andi quote that i could never make anything this good but its sucks.It just plain sucks its all just retarded nonsense the only part i even smirked was when vegeta called goku fagget

This made no sense at all.

removing the newgrounds button from the preloader? how rude!