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Reviews for "Dragonzball P"

didnt like it a bit

oneys work has really gone down in standard, not so much with ar but there is no huour left in these new video's


dont' know WTF i jist watched... man let me say, the drawing, good... but everithing esle... just... cant' find it a reason to be... is not even funny... next time, try to improve the drawing (it's already grat, but something better is always well seen)... and try to make it funny... or give it a reason to be...

First Review for Oney. Yay?

Okay...First, I gotta say I love some of your other works, but this one really...well, sucked dick. Literally, it did with all the dick jokes I found in it. (Dragonball stars being dicks, obscure dicks drawn on 'Virgin-ta', etc.) Besides that, I found the humor to be very crude. Probably the most memorable line would have to be the one in the end...which isn't all that great to begin with.

I don't get why people find this to be the greatest DBZ parody of all time, but I certainly do not. I find it almost too random to even be a parody to be honest. (Sandwich line was waaay out of place. Funny? Maybe.) Overall, the only good things I got out of this flash was the animation and SOME facials. (Hated them, but that's just me)

TL;DR - Humor probably entertains a teenager going through puberty at most, and needs better jokes.

Feel free to 'find this useless' now, Oney fanatics. ^_^ Seriously, it's not that great.


This is what you would get if you combined "Girl-chan in Paradise" and Johnny Utah.

And removed all of the effort, wit, and talent.

2 stars for decent animation.

Well.........that was......interesting