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Reviews for "Dragonzball P"

didnt like it a bit

oneys work has really gone down in standard, not so much with ar but there is no huour left in these new video's

Rather interesting to start with... but forgetable

This... Was just pure random. As well as the production was it just didn't have much plot that was considerably laughable. It was rather the opposite of what you were going for. It was if every known anime character, Meme, and bizarre Google image photo jumped on the same foot to have an orgy fed that baby acid and taught it how to play the kazoo. and by that example he either A: Farted into it ,B: shoved it up his nose C: Gave it to his saimese twin or D: did all three at the same time along with a hobo attempting it too. Its non-senical beyond excess and could've used a better conflict or story theme. As well as the faces, god all of them have no point in an anime! and it looked like it was filmed to be an Ed, Edd, and Eddy cartoon. All of that aside the voice acting was good as well as the coloring and shading. But please for our favor work on the joke before you deliver it half baked and soggy. This one was really stale!

What did I just watch?

You get a 3, only because I could tell you at least put a bit of time into this. Other than that, it was a waste of time, no offense. The humor is that of which a 6-10 year old would find funny. I honestly have no clue how you got all these good reviews.

Uh, what?

I don't get it.

what's wrong with you?!?

animation was ok.... but NOT funny at ALL....