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Reviews for "Dragonzball P"

It starts strong then trails off...

That opening song was a good parody of the old DBZ music, but the rest...it's just random silly faces. Before watching this I thought I liked random humor, but the jokes here got worn out before it ended. It's easy to get why this is a parody, yes you're spoofing DBZ dialogue, but despite that it feels like the jokes have little to do with DBZ. Those facial expressions could be put into any video and they'd make about as much sense.

This thing destroys my brain

Animation was not bad though

lol i'll be back ka ka faggit

XD i laugh at all of the parts

only 1 joke stretched for far to long

3 for the animation,3 for the gratting voices. please don't stretch out a joke and tell it over again for more than a 1 minute


Making fun of Dragon Ball is old. Everyone did it already. Get with the times Chris, c'mon. Stick to Leo and Satan.