Reviews for "Dragonzball P"

DragonBall Z for the mentally handicapped.

It's exactly as it sounds. Hilarious!

The animation moved smoothly and the sound wasn't a pain on the ears. (So there isn't much to criticize, there)

Albeit, a stretch at your typical joke of the typical episode of the typical DragonBall series, it still proved true at some points. The different art/facial expressions/whateveryouwanttocallit at random times for both Vegeta and Goku had me in stitches, along with the not-so-witty-but-still-quite-clever humor. It's easy to say this was well done.


I don't know what the fuck I just watched...but I can't stop fucking laughing or watching!

I just saw this in my favorites and said, "God damn it", clicked it, and am about to bust all over the place after watching this gorgeousness.

I just noticed, but the voices were actually spot on. How did you guys do that?

An instant classic. I remember watching it about 10 times when it was on the front page. Forever stained mine minds eye.