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Reviews for "Dragonzball P"

This was odd

That was a very strange parody, even for this website. I think its strongest point was probably how good the animation was. It makes you realize how goofy the character's names are. I think they are all in fact named after vegetables or food of some kind. Of course, it's weird that would be like that because they seem to be all based on English names. I recommend this to anyone who's a fan of yours, as it's one of your zaniest.

It's especially cool to see the art shifts so well done. You get so many different goofy depictions of these characters. I thought the voices were also spot on. There was just so much going on and it was so nonsensical you couldn't help but be entertained by it and stuff. I guess sooner or later someone as popular as you would make a Dragonball Z parody.

Very nice animation...

But i feel like the whole "LOL OMG SO RANDOM FART JOKE HAHAHA EPIC WIN" is pretty lame. I know you probably just did this for shits and giggles, but it's still "LOL RANDOM".

By the way, the kazoo background music was pretty bad ass.


this is awesome hahahaha
im going to kill you...
until you're dead...

and remember kids
defeating a sandwich only makes it tastier

super smexy

I mean reallu.. I've seen this about 10 times already... I have to choose a healthier living...

im...going..to..fav thiiiiiis

wow that was soo stupid to the fact its hilarious ^^
and the music is making it even better!

nice work dad ;)