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Reviews for "Dragonzball P"

Not one of your best

I found this to be a slight fall from grace from your recent works. While your past movies had some original material to them that made me like your style of writing and joke placement, this just looked tacked on and a bit uninspired.

To start with the positives, loved the art and animation put into this. The background art, the harmonised colors that are similar to the ones in the source material, even the moving outlines which gives your drawings some life to them. Like always, this movie was pleasing to look at.

What I didn't like though was the subject matter. It may just be me, but I found this movie to be very boring. Probably because I have seen the same satire being done a dozen times; not only the whole "off-sync anime dub" schtick, but Dragonball in general. And what didn't help was the unnecessary penis shapes and over exaggerated faces which are all becoming too common in flash movies nowadays. I would've loved to see some fresh-new content being executed; some satire that hasn't been touched on before that you could use your unique styles to portray.

I'm not at all implying you to stop making penis jokes and John K faces, because they can be funny. There are moments when using those elements can be hilarious, but their purpose in this movie is so pointless. Exagerrated faces in a movie about guys being hyped about a game: Good placement. Those faces repeatedly placed at the end of a cheesy line: Poor. Or even that Harry Potter parody, that took a concept from the series and gave a new spin on it. But this looked like you took the easy way of joke-making with cock shapes on stuff.

So, yeah, I enjoyed the look of everything in this movie, but it was the jokes that kinda let it down.


this is my cup of i hate this \_/ its empty


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dont' know WTF i jist watched... man let me say, the drawing, good... but everithing esle... just... cant' find it a reason to be... is not even funny... next time, try to improve the drawing (it's already grat, but something better is always well seen)... and try to make it funny... or give it a reason to be...


Oh you. Such a sweet and crazy flash parody you have made :3