Reviews for "Not Late"


great now u made me want to try that awesome entrance too but i'm sure i'm gonna broke my neck :P
the song fits perfect with the animation and ur design is very good


either he is the most responsible person in the class, or the least lazy of everyone. :D

Very Early?

He is so early, no one else is even in the room(classroom?, lab?) yet! Must be a pro! XD

This is exactly how I feel most mornings when I need to get to work on time, quick, chaotic, and ultimately successful.

A Great Effort!

I really like the concept behind this, and how the music fits very well, further boosting the overall theme. Despite some noticeable spelling errors, I didn't mind the animation/graphical design at all, which was pretty innovative and clever. Being a fairly concise, I found it quite enjoyable. For minor improvements, maybe colour might add a new dimension?

Awesome work!

not bad

I could see you getting alot better. Just keep at it, good luck.