Reviews for "DigiWoog Disaster (Woogi)"

Cute :)

I thought the concept behind this game was VERY cute. The lesson you learn with Cindy is a great one for kids ... just the other day I let my little sister play in an online game my wife and I play together. I pretended to be a random stranger (we have 2 computers) and I was talking to her (in a safe, private location only my wife and I could get to, though she didn't know that) and asked her all sorts of questions including her phone number, her name, where she lived, and how old she was. In her defense, my little sister is only 8 years old ... but she told me everything I asked. After that little scenario, I told her who I really was (I'd fibbed to her in the game so she was a little upset that I'd 'lied' to her) and we talked about how dangerous it can be to tell strangers that kind of information and that if something like that happens to get an adult.

That story said and done ... I had a slight problem with this game. It was incredibly cute but it didn't really seem kid friendly to me. There was SO much speech/text that I can see a kid getting a little bored or distracted in game. The world seems really neat and interactive though. My advice would be to cut down on the chatter some how some way because I really think most kids will become lost.

No other complaints! The games were all pretty easy, though I couldn't even begin to try the thunderstorm route with the jetpack. I'd almost recommend a slightly more difficult puzzle game as these seemed almost to be geared for kids too young to be using mobile devices/the internet.

I took away 2 stars because I felt like this game had too much text for it's intended audience with puzzles that seemed overly simplistic.


A very entertaining game. Not too short, not too long.
The voices were great and well done. I can see this game having a sequel.

Great game, great job! I really enjoyed playing this.


That was a very fun game.

Great Game

I thought the game was great and the characters (especially Weegor and YY) were just hilarious. The art was fantastic and the gameplay was easy to master with no glitching or lagging whatsoever. The only reason this game didn't get a 10/10 was because it was entirely way to easy to beat. Add a little challenge and you have a top notch game. Keep up the good work.

great game

Just one thing,is the bird from chibi knight?