Reviews for "DigiWoog Disaster (Woogi)"

Advertisement right

Don't want to be so hard, it was cute, good for childs and nice, but thinking of the effect it wold have for a child (wanting a Smartphone caus its "soooooooooooooo useful") made me giving a lower rating.

Pretty good game, but...

When I loaded my saved game conversation didn't work. Plus, consistant refrence to a non-newgrounds game didn't help my review.

Nicely done

It's awesome and nicely done, you really make us Android fans proud. Being open FTW!!

Anyway, good music and gameplay. Although simple but this brings back the old memories of Humongous Entertainment before Atari bought them out and stop producing them.

Concept wise sounds nice, would love to look into the sequel to see how YY goes and have some fun. :)

Did I just play an advertisement?

Well, this wan't a game, it was an advertisement about how cool smartphones are and about how children should be careful in social networks. It ends with an advertisement of the WoogiWorld website, which seems to be the aim of the whole game. And as a game, it was excessively short and simple, in my opinion.

Do I spy a reference

I really liked this game, espicially the little references that only an older player would get, like the Close encounter's song or the capacitors that were fluxing.