Reviews for "DigiWoog Disaster (Woogi)"

Really cute, but way too easy

Also, no standard controls, like a mute button... Hence, 8.


Love this game very easy medals and you can beat it less then 5 minutes def 10/10


This was actually fun man


good story,but game's soooo easy to achive.can't wait 4 another adventure for jettwoogman.

What could I say about it?

Well this kind of game gets a 9 or 10 , but this one just could get a 7. A lot of work on it, and it is wonderful. But it's too short and too easy, not even a single challange. In spite of the fact of that rol or whatever you would like to call it, there is other thing that really takes points off. When you finish it ask you what would you do with your two new items. While you say "Create a new woog or whatever" it sends you to the main page of this thing. Its very annoying and thats why Im very angry. It asks you about your parents. I have 18 years old, why I have to start to filling forms about my parents. Why isnt have just a checkbox or something. You are so concern about the player's parents that you forgot about the players comfort.

Could be better:
-Little +18 registration comfort

10-3=== 7