Reviews for "DigiWoog Disaster (Woogi)"

That was super cute, and fun for even somebody older. The humor and charm were constant throughout, and the app system was pretty cool.


Insanely cute! Very nice game for young kids! People who are saying that teaching young kids about smartphones is wrong, are ignorant to the times now. It's extremely common for kids younger than 10 to have laptops, smartphones, iPads, whatever now. And even if they don't have one, one of their friends DO. Teaching them about safety is a smart move!

On that note, has anyone gotten the last two medals? The hard mode seems impossible, and I can't figure out what the secret medal could be!

Great childrens game!

This was a pretty good point and click game for young kids, but I'm not sure I approve of the "smart phones can save the world" message. Also, how do you get the secret medal? o.O