Reviews for "DigiWoog Disaster (Woogi)"


Laughed my ass off! Uncle Scrooge as The Godfather. Great! All in All? Worth each minute i played.


the furry alein is so cute

Animation quality change

I was first taken aback by the simplicity of the lines and lack of textures for the intro animations, but then the game started and the artwork seemed to upgrade a bit. This might be just me noticing this and it's not really a big deal. Overall it looks ok, the sound recording for the main character seemed like it had a tiny bit of echo as well, again not too noticeable.

overall good stuff!


Does the blue protagonist remind anyone else of fry form futurama?

Well done.

I found this to be a very well designed and executed project. My only question was whether is emphasized mobile device safety sufficiently; all in all, however, the puzzles/minigames were appropriate and compelling. As a game for kids, top marks.