Reviews for "Hurry Up Bob: Map Editor"

Nice game

nice game but a little bit easy


just want to say..this is awesome...nice idea fortunacus,you rock:D


Thanks for all these medals! Anyway, I liked so much Hurry Up Bob 1 and 2.
Keep it up!!

A gift

The medals of this game are a gift for the users because you can earn all the medals in the editor mode.
Any way good game


I always liked the Hurry Up Bob games and this one gives you many of maps contributed by the community wich gives a replay value.
My only concern is that the level design mode it's way too basic and it should be explored with more tools, like dragging the platforms instead of deleting and selecting it again.

Overral it is a nice game like always, but nothing new in the game itself. So it is a 8/10. :)