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Reviews for "Hurry Up Bob: Map Editor"

Super easy

Just make a easy map then use metal head and fly


Neat game with the map editor and all, but it was just ok. Really limited space to put things in each section, and the fact that you can't jump through the bottom of blocks puts a major limit on creativity. Also, I don't think the bug is fixed. I got up to 5 segments, but after designing segment 6 about 3 times and it erasing every time, I gave up on this. Good game though, just feels too limited.

fortunacus responds:

its fixed,but need admin approval

Really fun!

I was afraid this was going to be too hard at first, but then it got better. It's hard to tell what map is the best for you to make. I remember the original version of this game that I had real fun with. It's especially cool to see how you manage to get so many high point medals without really even knowing what you're supposed to be doing. It also helps that the animation in this is very well done and gives off a great sense of cartoonishness.

It's hard to ask to improve anything, because these are all custom-made! It's great to have a game where we can truly show off our creativity. This is one of the more fun custom level games I have played. I hope we all continue to make well done games like this. The music is also nice and it gives off a good feeling of being in a casual game.

Easy Medals.

Make a level with metalhead, fly straight up, break blocks/enemies. Get dont get hurt till after 125m. dont grab pickaxe for a while. then just keep flying.


Thanks for the easy medals if you guys want all the medals i recommend playing on fortunacas you keep going up with the jetpack and you should get all the medals