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Reviews for "Hurry Up Bob: Map Editor"

The game is entertaining, but I would really like the play my level with all the parts attached before I submit it. Not just pieces of it. I already submitted two horribly random puzzles without the opinion to remove them!

I loved it! Nearly got all the medals. Good job!

Tip: Construct a map for faster medal accomplishment.

5 stars for the medals, i liked the original one more though

too easy!

It is an interesting idea for us to make our own platforming levels (never-ending, no less), but there are some things that could make it better:

1. Enable snapping objects onto a "grid" or next to other objects. This will allow for creating longer platforms, as well as evenly space out objects accurately.
2. Difficulty rating. There should be a difficulty rating for levels because some people love a challenge, meaning they are more inclined to look for harder levels.
3. Be able to see the starts/ends of segments connected to each other. The last thing I want is a badly connected portion of the level that makes height progression impossible.

The medals were easy.
What is the point of giving 100 points for just saving a map to the public? That is way too much for something this simple. Yeah, I got an easy 100 points for making a boring level. Just great.

I got the medals in a matter of minutes because of the way people set up the maps. Plentiful of levels provide easy height, kills, or other medals. This is why there needs to be some serious caution when laying out the medals in games with a map editor -- providing them in this manner may (and probably will) provoke people to make the levels specifically for them. The end result is this: not many levels are interesting.

At least in games like Time Fcuk and Gap Monsters (while those games are different, they both have level editors), medals are not implemented to encourage setting up for medals, so I see a lot more interesting levels and their designs.