Reviews for "Mass Mayhem 4"


is tiny lagi but ist awsome

there is a secret missle that we can control it.it is located underground find the machine that operating it and destroy it with a bazooka,this will make you gain access to the missle,have fun ... : )

Overall really good game but there is a cheat with the spear, u kill 4 people with spear, switch weapons then switch back to the spear and theres no people on it and u can keep impaleing.

What a great and satisfying game for unleashing your lust of experiencing total massacre ( if... you ever even get a feeling like that xxD) I remember how amazed I was by it some years ago, so many locations, people, weapons and cool stuff to interact with...
It's quite laggy in some places, like where I have to pierce someone with the spear and they simply don't respond, even though the tip is right in front of them. But oh well.