Reviews for "Santa Rockstar Origins"


Now that looks so cool!!!!!!!!!!

so thats how it started

hmmm my dreams have come true

Strange again!

Boy, I am just getting out the weirdest submissions to review today! The most odd thing about this was probably how I didn't even know it was going to be a cartoon. The title made it seem like it was a game. I guess there have just been too many rockstar games made. The weirdest thing was that I didn't know what the guy was going to do. At first, I thought he was going to kill Santa as it looked like he was stabbing him.

It seemed weird he would do that because he had a flashback about how Santa gave him a good present. It's just amazing how absurd this was. I think the most awesome part was when Santa emerged from the rubble looking awesome. The animation was good, especially when it showed his skeleton. Merry Christmas, friend!


so great

pure epicness :D

one word: