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Reviews for "Bunnykill 5 Part 2"

Everithing that makes me like Bunny Kill is:
The good animation, the originality, the charcters(specialy Smoke's design),the action, the storys, the Epic Deaths and the wait between the animations release is really short.

NOOOOO!!!! not the badass gunblade! goddammit all the good ones die young! :( but good series anyway.

love the series and everyone stop asking when the bunnykill 6 is coming out it comes out when it comes but it would be nice to know when it comes out 1 month before hand or surprise us your choice

Dust was a friend of snowball's but he got kidnapped by smoke and brainwashed by some mad scientist so the two fought, but the death of snowball woke Dust up, which led to a revenge, right?

Amazing episode loved it like all the other, but now for those who dont know and dint read his latest news, Mottis has STOPPED working on bunnykill, he will not make anymore as far as we know since he just cant do it anymore. If you want to know more goo look at his accounts news. Now as for the bunny kill series, loved it mottis, amazing and well done all of it. AND for people who are wondering why some are evil sometimes and some are good sometimes. ITS BECAUSE ITS NOT SOPPOSE TO FOLLOW! every episode is like a new world in a new dimension. So now that you understand that its not soppose to make sense all together, you can enjoy the story even more. Great work mottis cant wait to see what comes out next.