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Reviews for "Bunnykill 5 Part 2"

plase create part 6, this animation is awesome

im waiting pretty long on the next part now lol, youre movies are the only reason im still looking for newgrounds man, don't let us hang.

Where is Bunnykill 6?

I miss theses vids soooooooooooo much :'(

For people asking, there is not going to be a part 6. Mottis has it on his page if you would go look at it.
And to Soil5017, no.
Snowball's presence causes them to rush whatever they were doing on the computer, and inject him before they were completely done. Most likely, whatever they injected had worn off because of this, unfortunately, after Snowball was killed.

As for the flash, it's great, and feels like a classic for me to come back and watch every now and then. The whole series, not just this. The animation and smoothness of it all feels so much better with each part, being the final part, I feel like this one was perfectly done, but of course he most likely could of improved even further on his quality, had he wanted to continue doing Bunnykill. Overall, incredibly well done, nice little story, an awesome finisher, and hilarious ending to the whole thing. Great job.

I look forward to whatever animations Mottis wishes to do next, if he decides too, he did say he was interested with flash still.