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Reviews for "Bunnykill 5 Part 2"

Why do you hate Smoke so much?

I've been a die-hard Smoke fan ever since BK 1, and I demand to see him killing some white and brown bunny!!

It's been a pleasure to see you evolve as an artist. Keep up the awesome work.

It's official. This > Madness

Let me just start off by saying that this makes Krinkel's Madness series look like utter shit by comparison. I mean seriously... This puts him to shame. He has had practically zero progression in his most recent slew of bland flashes, and in a dazzling display with Bunnykill 5 parts 1 and 2, you have completely blown away everything that Krinkels's over-hyped tripe has to offer.

Everything was sheer brilliance. It seemed as though every single battle between the main character and each cluster of enemies yielded a different, satisfying result each time, unlike in Madness where it's pretty much just run-of-the-mill shoot/stab deaths with no flair. I absolutely adored watching the amputated minion desperately crawl away from the encroaching hero who was tied up battling others, and then luckily escaping into the next room only to end up as a bullet-riddled meat shield for the protagonist.

Next, the animation and character design trumps Madness in every way conceivable. Cute bunnies > expressionless Madness lamers with cross-shaped gashes where a face should be. Every nuance of the protagonist's swordsmanship demonstrated how much time and effort you poured into this.

Madness had its day, but Krinkels should just lay it to rest or perform a complete overhaul instead of trying to polish a turd over and over again. It will never compare to the grandeur of this animation, I can assure you.

If I could, I would give this a 100 instead of a 10. Amazing job Mottis, Maksu, and Rajunen.


I remember waaay back when I first saw kill bunny...shesh..kids this is a classic. I hope to see more. Newgrounds classic right here.

Just came home from a long day of school...

And it felt so awesome to see this after school. Very nice work, mottis. I have a small question though, is there any chance that snowball will be remotely alive in the next one? it would feel different without him.

Mottis responds:

If you have followed the series, you should know that each episode has a different storyline. So yes, Snowball will be in Bk6 ;)

However I might not make Bk6 next. Check the news on my profile for more information.

Holy Awesomesauce!!

Three words, Blew my mind. This was a lot better than part 1 in terms of speed, fluidity, transition, and general epicness.
I especially love scene 3 , and I was wondering when you'd get around to something like it, that was the topper for me, and I give you 5 stars for that alone!
In terms of overall length, it was shorter than part 1, but who am I to talk?
I also had figured it was Flint behind part of it, from the glasses and ponytail. Now I'm eager to find out who's the mastermind!

Mottis responds:

Yeah, part 2 is way shorter becuase, well, I basically had the entire movie done from start to finish before I did the split into 2 parts. And it split kinda.... unevenly. And since both parts were practically done, I culdn't edit part 2 anymore, sadly.

I thought it was obvious that it was Flint from the start. The only reason I called him Flint this time was because calling him "BOSS" like in part 1 wouldn't make much sense, since he was talking to his superior in the ending :P