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Reviews for "Bunnykill 5 Part 2"

I saw bunnykill 1 as a 3 year old, it was pretty new, i was amazed on how awesome it was, i watched it and watched it, then, i found the rest of the series, up to 3, i was full of joy and Snowball was my favorite character ever, he is gone, i found it sad when i watched the first part, i almost cried, but now hes truly gone, i enjoy wathcing the old ones more, but always think of his death, R.I.P. Snowball, the best bunny killer ever.

man please make bunny kill 6!!!!!!!!!!!! please make !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mottis, I grew up with this series. I remember watching the second one over and over again, in awe, at school. Thought it was the coolest thing ever, and it was.

Thanks for this series. A decade later I still am awestruck by them.

Don't know if you're going to make more, but I sincerely hope you do.

All my 5 are for this.

i love the bunny kill series is tho awsome!

I hope you make a sixth one, because this was awesome!